VSP Stats Processor for Enemy Territory

VSP Stats Processor stands for Voodoo Stats Processor created in 2004 by Krillin. It’s a web script that compiles the log files from variety of games into a nice-looking website with all the stats from a particular server and its game. It requires a basic webserver to read more


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Enemy Territory Live

ETLive is quite an interesting project started by few people who wanted to bring old Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in a simpler form via web browser.

The idea is based on popular QuakeLive developed by id Software. ETLive is entirely fan based project, so it will take some time to finish, but it is most definitely worth checking out. The creators promises competetive support and a few new unique features, so it basically would be old Wolf ET with few improvements. › Continue reading

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Wolf: ET Minimizer

Minimizer for Enemy Territory is quite an important and useful thing. There are a few ET minimizers, but I would like to recommend you the best one I have ever used. It is the simplest and most efficient one. To use it just download, unpack zip and open the minimizer exe file. read more

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Wolfenstein ET screenshots

I decided to post some Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory’s screenshots here to show new people how the gameplay looks before they start it. Hope you’ll be enjoying it. I think that posting a couple of screenshots from the original game can make a good first view and read more

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Why Enemy Territory is much better than Counter-Strike?

I have played Enemy Territory for few years, I was playing also Counter Strike for few times. You can say I am not experienced in CS. Yes, that’s true, but it doesn’t make any difference. Wolf:ET and CS are, hmm, games from similar times, but they are completely read more

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Wolfenstein ET and RtCW Source Code Released

I think it’s quite interesting news. Much people has been asking for that source code of ET from few years and finally we’ve got it. › Continue reading

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Nitmod 2.0 Final

It is already out, more features and it is N!tmod 2.0 final version, so big progress from 1.6. Looks interesting :) › Continue reading

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What is Punkbuster? ——————- Shortly, PunkBuster is a program to prevent cheating in online games published by Even Balance, Inc. W:ET uses it. - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - read more

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Surprise, surprise! At this tutorial I’m not going to tell anything by myself, but I’ll give you a website(I’m sorry its english only) includind text and videos. Well, at first I’ll tell you something: Strafejumping is a technique to move faster than read more

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Finding the sensitivity

How to find the best sensitivity for yourself mouse? › Continue reading

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