N!tmod 1.2 is in progress

Well, firstly – what is that N!tmod? It’s really nice Wolfenstein: Enemy Terrtory Mod, which add a lot of interesting features. The newest version is creating right now. We are now working on the last bugfixes before releasing 1.2 final (or 1.3 assuming there has read more

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A few words about skill

Skill is about many things (fighting, trickjumping, tactics/teamplay etc.) but I will only talk about fighting. Also, I will not count those things which allow you to kill people (more or less easily) while they cannot shoot back, such as arty spam, mines, (and, to some extent, panzer, rnades and sniping, which sometimes can be skilled, sometimes not). › Continue reading

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Wolf ET nickname generator

Well, I think it is nice and useful tool, I mean ofcourse that Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory nickname generator. It works fine and fast. (press 0-9, a-z or / * – + ? @) WolfPlayer [choose color]for (var Key in color) document.write(\\'^\\'+[Key]+\\' = read more

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