Wolf: ET Minimizer

Minimizer for Enemy Territory is quite an important and useful thing. There are a few ET minimizers, but I would like to recommend you the best one I have ever used. It is the simplest and most efficient one. To use it just download, unpack zip and open the minimizer exe file. read more

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What is Punkbuster? ——————- Shortly, PunkBuster is a program to prevent cheating in online games published by Even Balance, Inc. W:ET uses it. - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - read more

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Surprise, surprise! At this tutorial I’m not going to tell anything by myself, but I’ll give you a website(I’m sorry its english only) includind text and videos. Well, at first I’ll tell you something: Strafejumping is a technique to move faster than read more

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Finding the sensitivity

How to find the best sensitivity for yourself mouse? › Continue reading

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Friday, September 3rd, 2010 Tutorials 2 Comments

Short Aiming Tutorial

At first ——– Meaning of this short tutorial is to tell you basics to get good aim. Basically this is applied to all fps -games(notice, for example speed/tempo of the game still affect), but now I use Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory as an example game. Notice, read more

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Configuration file (cfg)

What is configuration(or config file or cfg file) file? › Continue reading

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Monday, August 30th, 2010 Tutorials 1 Comment

ET Tutorial Unpacked

Hello there, from now in this sectron I will post over a dozen posts of ET Tutorial Pack made by great and experienced Wolf player – BossHK. He just created a huge tutorial for all ET players, especially newbies, but not only for. Whole pack has about 1,1GB packed in read more

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How to setup custom resolution?

In settings menu of Enemy Territory game we can change our game resolution only in standard sizes. How to make it custom? We need to type something in console. So let’s start. › Continue reading

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How to install Enemy Territory on Linux?

New users of Linux tend to have many problems with installing the Enemy Territory, so I decided to describe how to properly install ET. Before installing, make sure you have 3D acceleration. Also remember to install the drivers for your graphics card. Where to download? Just read more

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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 Tutorials 2 Comments

Field ops class – the remedial course

People, even a decent fops will dramatically improve your team. Often a good fops will provide ammo for the mortar thats got a choke point zeroed in and doesn’t want to move to find ammo. Or that medic/engy combo defending a bridge or tunnel who needs nades. Or he knows read more

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