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A few words about skill

Skill is about many things (fighting, trickjumping, tactics/teamplay etc.) but I will only talk about fighting. Also, I will not count those things which allow you to kill people (more or less easily) while they cannot shoot back, such as arty spam, mines, (and, to some extent, panzer, rnades and sniping, which sometimes can be skilled, sometimes not).
Even my grandma can call arty, so I won’t count that… :) just shooting.

Skill is relative to other players, not absolute, judging absolute skill is hard. The biggest mistake some people do, is to think med = average. Despite the name, med players are *not* average players.

The average player you meet in the best/most ‘skilled’ etpro public servers is certainly not med, but usually around low/low+. In less skilled servers it could be low or low- or even worse (so-called pokemon skill ;)) .But nowadays real beginners are a rare thing to find… ;)

Kills/Deaths are a useless way to judge skill, because I could kill someone who has 1hp and that counts as a kill, or I could use adrenaline and kill 2 people while I receive the same damage I do. And you have fragsteal, different hp among classes, etc.etc.

Then, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to guess that damage is the way to go, if you want a meaningful statistic. Not even accuracy, because with prefire/gib you can get a lower accuracy but still be deadly in fight.
Look always at damage given/received ratio, *never* at kills/deaths ratio, xp, or such nonsense. Of course in a real match with obj, some players have different roles, and some can get negative damage while not being bad, but just because they play engi, etc. But in frag-only situations, it’s all about damage.

So: if you play in the so called ‘skilled’ etpro public servers, and you give usually the same damage you receive (playing as medic, so without spamming arty, etc.) you are like the average player there, that is (generally) around low/low+.

A real highskill player can give 2 times the damage received, when he plays in a server with low/low+ players (example: 10000 given, 5000 received). Not always, but usually. And I talk about fighting, not lamecamping or spamming. Just fighting they get that damage.
A med player gives more damage than he receives for sure, but against lows, I would say no more than 1.5x or he would be med+ or high. Unless it’s a team all of meds versus all lows, then team advantage comes into play, but I talk of public servers, so that won’t generally happen.

These damage ratios must be counted in several games, not in just one lucky game played on the winning side! And I don’t need to repeat that mines/arty/spam/etc. don’t count!
It should be fairly accurate, even for 1on1’s. So if you give 6000 and you receive 4000 (1.5x ratio), then you could be med against lows, or high against meds, or low+ against low- etc. etc. or just being lucky for that game only.



  1. BlooDyB
    BlooDyB 29 January 2010

    Thanks for this info

  2. admin
    admin 7 February 2010

    You’re welcome :)

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