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Enhanced Mod v1.0.3

Enhanced Mod is a server side mod expansion pack for server administrators to tweak unsettable game behaviour stuff given by the original mod. No extra pk3 needed! ~Equal One Download:

–> Enhanced Mod v1.0.3


  • A powerful flexible xml configuration enables the possibilty to write you own weapon settings for each class/team.
  • Conditional respawn settings(for example “IF” the medic carry a Thompson automaticaly he own also a MP40).
  • Multiple primary weapon settings.
  • Startammo and additional ammo in clip defined by xml config.
  • Molotov possibile now for all classes!
  • New possibile behaviour of the rifle nade launcher(no reload needed!)
  • Experimental doublejump modification(standardly disabled).
  • Easy way to alternative server configs. Below some examples:
  • On a new player connection a info message like “enhmod: ETPlayer connected with ip: 95.223.***.***:27960(Germany) client version: xxx” appear.
  • First headshot message.

Future planed features:

More !xxxxx (fun) commands integrated in jaymod level hierarchy, example !crazyweapon on, !nadelauncher on, !singlepistol on

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