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Enhanced Mod V1.07 Beta released

Enhanced Mod is a server side mod expansion pack for server administrators to tweak unsettable game behaviour stuff given by the original mod. No extra pk3 needed! It’s the best way to make your jaymod server works safely, correctly and give much fun to players.

– Added a additional command + level system, now Enhanced Mod support own jaymod like fun commands.
– New commands: !impact !antirush !warn !crazydisguise, !riflewar, !pistolwar, !country, !freeze, !unfreeze, !disarm.
– Built-in referee access exploit protection.
– /callvote vulnerability fixed.
– Antirush protection prevents player from finish maps until a admin defined timeout is passed.
– Antirush System reworked(added !antirush_add, !antirush_del) + examples for all standard maps.
– Multikill detection(enhmodv107.pk3 needed for client sounds).
– Invalid Guid – spoof protection.
– Improvements.
– Last attacker health in console.
– Included whole stuff from previous versions.
– And much much more, check it out on your own server.

You can download it from there, there’s Windows and Linux bnaries to jaymod 2.1.7 and 2.1.8:

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