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How to install Enemy Territory on Linux?

New users of Linux tend to have many problems with installing the Enemy Territory, so I decided to describe how to properly install ET. Before installing, make sure you have 3D acceleration. Also remember to install the drivers for your graphics card.

Where to download?

Just type in a terminal:


The file will save (if this is a newly opened console) in directory /home/[name of user]/
So, to install the game on the system for all users of your computer in an open terminal type:

sudo sh

After verifying and unpacking the file, we will display the installer. We are installing game in the proposed location.
After installation ET, we can run ET by hitting ALT + F2 and entering et.
But I prefer to boot ET from the console, because it displays all errors, logs, etc.
In any case, we can give ourself permission to the directory ~ /. Etwolf because that’s where the game keeps your files:

sudo chown [name of the user] -R ~/.etwolf

Updating PunkBuster

To guard against problems with game integrity, first update PunkBuster and later install 2.60b patch.
I recommend update the PunkBuster using pbsetup program. You can find it here:

2.60b patch

After PunkBuster update we can safely install the new patch. For the description, I assume that ET is installed in the default location /usr/local/games/enemy-territory
We are logging as root and download the patch:

sudo -i cd /usr/local/games/enemy-territory rm et.x86 rm etded.x86 wget

We have to give the rights to performance for file et.x86

sudo chmod a+x et.x86

If the ls command returns a list:

@ls CHANGES etded et.x86 Docs etded.x86 ET.xpm pb et etmain EULA_Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory.txt pbcl.db

this means that everything went well.


Where to copy maps, mods etc?

Click on Locations and select Home Folder. You will see your home directory. Click View and Show hidden files. It will show the folder .etwolf. We open it and we have all the necessary folders.

I have no sound!

If you have 2 cards in your computer such as integrated audio and SB Live!, then on the testing time go to BIOS and disable the integrated. If, despite it still not working take a look here:


The simplest advice is to disable programs that use the network actively. One of them is update-notifier. To get rid of it temporarily, you can just before the integration process of ET kill command update-notifier:

sudo killall -9 update-notifier

That’s all what do you need to run correctly Wolfenstein Enemy Territory on Linux OS. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.


  1. BlackJuice
    BlackJuice 31 August 2010

    Thanks, it worked for me very well : – )

  2. Hazmire
    Hazmire 5 March 2012

    i can play the game but dont see any servers in the server list?????

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