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How to make soundpack?

Extra sounds are interesing option on Wolfenstein Enemy Territory server. It doesn’t matter you have jaymod, noquater or etpub. People likes extra sounds. Then how to make an interesing soundpack (vel voicepack)?

First, you need to find a existing soudpack, you can go to or and there you have some soundpacks. Then just download that one you chose and unpack that. Soundpacks are in .pk3 archive, so simply use 7zip or WinRar program to unzip that. Then you will see probably three folders: scripts, sound and ui. In scripts folder you have to edit wm_allies_chat.voice and wm_axis_chat.voice. Simply open this files in Notepad++ or similiar text-editor and change the binds and names of sound files, which are in sound folder. How to exactly do it?

Alright, you start off with the scripts/wm_allies_chat.voice and wm_axis_chat.voice files in the pak0.pk3.Add a new command for your custom sound, I.E.
sound/ kittycat.wav “Cat, I’m a Kitty Cat”

Top line is what it’s name will be, for the example above, I would use “vsay kittycat” in the console and this sound will go off. “sound/kittycat.wav” is where the sound is located. (As a side note, make sure the wav files are mono, not stereo.) Within the quote at the end is what you want to be displayed when this sound is played, for the example above, “Cat, I’m a Kitty Cat”. Note that you can have seperate sounds for Axis and Allies, but for my sound pack, it’s the same silly sounds for both.

Next, you edit the ui/ and

Add a new menu in there for your custom sounds:
QM_MENU_START( “wm_quickmessage” )

QM_MENU_ITEM_TEAM( “S. Statements”, close wm_quickmessage; open wm_quickstatements, “s”, 0 )
QM_MENU_ITEM_TEAM( “R. Requests”, close wm_quickmessage; open wm_quickrequests, “r”, 1 )
QM_MENU_ITEM_TEAM( “C. Commands”, close wm_quickmessage; open wm_quickcommand, “c”, 2 )
QM_MENU_ITEM_TEAM( “T. Talk”, close wm_quickmessage; open wm_quickmisc, “t”, 3 )
QM_MENU_ITEM( “G. Global”, close wm_quickmessage; open wm_quickglobal, “g”, 4 )
QM_MENU_ITEM_TEAM( “F. Function”, exec “wm_sayPlayerClass”; close wm_quickmessage, “f”, 5 )
QM_MENU_ITEM_TEAM( “O. Objectives”, close wm_quickmessage; open wm_quickobjectives, “o”, 6 )
QM_MENU_ITEM( “U. Custom”, close wm_quickmessage; open wm_quickcustom, “u”, 7 )

I added the menu “Custom”, which will open when you press the letter U.

On top of that, you have to add the same (but with numbers) to the wm_quickmessageAlt. Note the difference:
QM_MENU_START( “wm_quickmessageAlt” )

QM_MENU_ITEM_TEAM( “1. Statements”, close wm_quickmessageAlt; open wm_quickstatements_alt, “1”, 0 )
QM_MENU_ITEM_TEAM( “2. Requests”, close wm_quickmessageAlt; open wm_quickrequests_alt, “2”, 1 )
QM_MENU_ITEM_TEAM( “3. Commands”, close wm_quickmessageAlt; open wm_quickcommand_alt, “3”, 2 )
QM_MENU_ITEM_TEAM( “4. Talk”, close wm_quickmessageAlt; open wm_quickmisc_alt, “4”, 3 )
QM_MENU_ITEM( “5. Global”, close wm_quickmessageAlt; open wm_quickglobal_alt, “5”, 4 )
QM_MENU_ITEM_TEAM( “6. Function”, exec “wm_sayPlayerClass”; close wm_quickmessageAlt,”6″, 5 )
QM_MENU_ITEM_TEAM( “7. Objectives”, close wm_quickmessageAlt; open wm_quickobjectives_alt, “7”, 6 )
QM_MENU_ITEM( “8. Custom”, close wm_quickmessageAlt; open wm_quickcustom_alt, “8”, 7 )


Now, to add a custom sound, you need to open up your new menu, again, cutting and pasting from my own sound pack:
(Note this is wm_quickmessage)QM_MENU_START( “wm_quickcustom” )
QM_MENU_ITEM( “T. TNT”, exec “VoiceChat tnt”; close wm_quickcustom, “t”, 0 )
QM_MENU_ITEM( “K. Kitty Cat”, exec “VoiceChat kittycat”; close wm_quickcustom, “k”, 1 )
QM_MENU_ITEM( “S. Shook Me”, exec “VoiceChat shook”; close wm_quickcustom, “s”, 2 )
QM_MENU_ITEM( “L. Lightning Bolt”, exec “VoiceChat lightning”; close wm_quickcustom, “l”, 3 )

And again, you need to change the as well.

QM_MENU_START( “wm_quickcustom_alt” )

QM_MENU_ITEM( “1. TNT”, exec “VoiceChat tnt”; close wm_quickcustom_alt, “1”, 0 )
QM_MENU_ITEM( “2. Kitty Cat”, exec “VoiceChat kittycat”; close wm_quickcustom_alt, “2”, 1 )
QM_MENU_ITEM( “3. Shook Me”, exec “VoiceChat shook”; close wm_quickcustom_alt, “3”, 2 )
QM_MENU_ITEM( “4. Lightning Bolt”, exec “VoiceChat lightning”; close wm_quickcustom_alt, “4”, 3 )


Make sure you take note of the sublter differenced, like the _alt added on each of the menu names. Those matter, as do the tinier details.

In that sound folder you can add and remove sound files. Those voice chat sounds (.wav files) should be 11kHz, 22kHz or 44kHz mono uncompressed PCM-wav format. And finally the last file to edit is in “ui” folder. It names and you have to edit menu which is opened by Alt button with your voices.
That’s all what you need to edit, now just pack that three folders with Pakscape and name like zz_your_file_name.pk3 and save. Now just upload that file into /server/jaymod/ directory and restart the server. Done. :)


  1. chyras
    chyras 29 April 2010

    sounds can’t be stereo ?

  2. admin
    admin 5 May 2010

    Cannot be. It have to be mono.

  3. alex
    alex 15 May 2010

    how to make the sound mono??

  4. admin
    admin 15 May 2010

    Use music converter – 90% of them has mono/stereo choice.

  5. Sho
    Sho 6 October 2010

    I’ve tried it with 11kHz, 22kHz and 44kHz mono unsigned PCM/ PCM format but the sounds are, ingame, much lower than the standard vsays although they’re perfectly fine in the actual .wav files. What am I doing wrong? Is it because I’m testing them via “Host Game”?

  6. admin
    admin 10 October 2010

    Well, yes, it’s usually much lower than normal. I couldn’t find the solution for that yet.

  7. Luci
    Luci 16 October 2010

    How do I test a soundpack without putting it in the official servers?
    I had a friend one time who just quickly set up a server for me and him to test it on. Do you know how?

  8. Luci
    Luci 16 October 2010

    Hey I just see that Sho tested it via Host Game. How do you do that? That is what I mean

  9. Sho
    Sho 1 November 2010

    Simply put the file in the etmain folder and start the game. Go to Host Game, ignore all options and start.

  10. Lo89LMan
    Lo89LMan 21 April 2017

    I have a bit problem with custom section. I only have the (the only in the ui folder of the downloaded soundpack) and when I try to open a section in it, wm_twc_alt is closed but the menu I try to open (for exemple the menu “music”, nothing is opened and I don’t understant why :'(
    Please help me

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