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Nitmod 2.0 Final

It is already out, more features and it is N!tmod 2.0 final version, so big progress from 1.6. Looks interesting :)

Finally the day has come!

More than 3 months have passed since we released N!tmod 1.6.

During all this time we have been working hard to create the best N!tmod version ever.

The changelog for N!tmod 2.0 is our biggest changelog ever.

New gametype, omnibot 0.8 support, several optimizations and bugfixes, bandwidth usage reduction, configstrings size reduction, new shrubbot features, security fixes, new gameplay features, new HUD and HUD options, shoutcaster support, minimal ETTV support, the list is long!

Today we are ready to publicly release it.

The documentation has also been improved and new informations concerning Team Death Match and Death Match gametypes have been added.

N!tmod 2.0 can be downloaded here.

We hope you will enjoy this version and its new features and improvements.

The final version can also be tested (as long as we don’t start working on 2.1) on our official server : (DNS: and on our YCN Death Match server : (DNS:

These servers are always updated when we build a new revision of the mod, don’t forget to check them out some time to see if there is anything new.


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