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Nitmod Documentation online

I post here the whole documentation of Nitmod (ET mod) made by N!trox. It may be useful for some people, because of no program to open .rtf or so. Enjoy.

a Wolfesntein : Enemy Territory? Modification

Release date : Mar. 18 2010
Builds : Win32, Linux-i386, Mac(Client Only)



N!tmod is a Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory? modification.

If you are reading this document, it certainly means that you want to install the mod on your server or learn more about it.

Thanks a lot for giving N!tmod a try.

The goal is to make a fun, actively developped, bug free and easy to use mod, to bring something new to the W:ET community.

In this document you will find everything you need to configure your N!tmod server properly, or informations about client side cvars that can be used to modify your gameplay.

Table of Contents

1. Mod Installation

A. Requirements
B. Installation

2. Server Cvars

3. Omnibot Support

4. Shrubbot

5. Changelog

6. Thanks and Credits

1. Mod Installation


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