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Nitmod – N!tmod


I gonna write something more about this great mod. It’s one of the probably two still developed Wolf: ET modifications. It’s made by great ET player and his dev team. Why N!tmod? Because the author is well known in ET world as N!trox ;)

It’s based on NQ, but I think after that all modifications there it’s similar to jaymod and etpro. Similar to jaymod – much fun, similar to etpro – much pro :) But there’re many thing that you can change anytime, so you can make your server really different than other ones.


The newest stable and nightly releases are always available on the main website of nitmod – There are also some stuff to this mod, like LUA scripts, support etc.

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  1. Gamer
    Gamer 14 January 2011

    That’s amazing mod, the best I’ve ever played! :D

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