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N!tmod 1.2 is in progress

Well, firstly – what is that N!tmod? It’s really nice Wolfenstein: Enemy Terrtory Mod, which add a lot of interesting features. The newest version is creating right now.

We are now working on the last bugfixes before releasing 1.2 final (or 1.3 assuming there has been a lot of nightly builds for 1.2)

Some N!tmod features :

  • Improved security (bug fixes, q3fill attacks protection, callvote bugfix, etc…)
  • Lot of code optimizations
  • HUGE Code cleanup!
  • LUA Support
  • Omnibot 0.71 Support
  • ETPub map voting gametype
  • New TDM Gametype
  • Built in shrubbot sytem (including short commands !li !he !set etc.., greetings, greetings sounds)
  • Forcecvar
  • sv_cvar (still needs to be fixed)
  • New weapons : MP5, Poison, Bomb
  • Spree/Frag records database
  • Light pk3 (around 3.33Mb)
  • New body hitbox, not as large as before, more realistic. (can be enabled/disabled with g_realbody server cvar)
  • ETPro realhead code (g_realhead)
  • Lower memory/CPU usage (due to code optimizations and cleanup)
  • Inactivity and Spectator inactivity
  • Sprees/Multikills notifications
  • Modified HUD
  • 5 levels skills system
  • Panzerwar & Sniperwar
  • New awards : Most revives, Most Heals, Panzernoob, Highest damage, and more
  • Adren, flakjacket, mines spotting, enemy recognition carries over (can toggle with a few cvars)
  • Mortar, Panzer and Rifle Grenade cam
  • Damageable explosives (aristrikes, hand grenades, smoke bombs, bombs, satchels)
  • Modified scoreboard
  • And much more, cant list everything…, download a nightly and read the documentation instead

Latest nightly builds can be found here.

Lua libs (required to use lua on your server, or even start Windows servers)

Official test server : (ET MultiVersion, 100Mbps)

Report any bugs. Give us your opinion, or new ideas.

Official forums : (Hosted on F|A forum)

Official Bug Tracker :

Send me a PM, add me on Xfire (joyce975), or join our IRC Channel (#nitmod on for any support.

Thanks for giving nitmod a try. We hope you like it grin.gif


  1. Nico$
    Nico$ 20 March 2010

    N!tmod 1.4 will be released in a few days !
    Go test it !

  2. admin
    admin 21 March 2010

    Yeah it looks cool :P

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