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What is Punkbuster?
Shortly, PunkBuster is a program to prevent cheating in online games published by Even Balance, Inc. W:ET uses it.

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How to get PB (PunkBuster) operate without problems in Windows operating systems. Game W:ET. (I will run through how I did things, I’ve never had any problems with pb)

1. ReInstall Windows. (Highly recommended)

If you do not necessarily want to ReInstall Windows, then skip part 1 (Note. Then also in paragraph 2 a few things will then intervene). If you ReInstall Windows, be sure to download the necessary programs / other things before reinstallation:

-Drivers: Graphic card + Motherboard
-Security: Firewall as ZoneAlarm Basic and antivirus as Avira Antivir Personal (both free)
-Other necessary Programs: Browser eg Firefox, xfire, msnmessenger, sl.gamelauncher (if using) and ET + patchs (2.60 and 2.60b) and the version changer (2.55, 2.56, 2.60 and 2.60b), for example ETvCh_v05.

Once the necessary softwares + other programs have been downloaded, disconnect your computer from internet, for example, by unplugging the ethernet cable. Turn off the modem / router. Remember to save your downloaded programs and other important things like photographs, bookmarks etc. either in memory stick or on a CD / DVD.

2. Make the following steps in this order once you have installed Windows (Note: If your computer asks you to restart your computer now, it is strongly recommended that you restart the computer then):

Install the motherboard drivers. Then install your graphic card drivers.

Install Avira and Zone Alarm. (Remember to turn your Windows Firewall off once ZoneAlarm has been installed)

After those install, for example, firefox, xfire, msnmessenger, sl.gamelauncher…

Finally, install ET. Once ET is installed, install patch 2.60. After that 2.60b (Make sure that you install 2.60b correct). Now install the version changer. You can then launch ET.exe and for example set ur resolution, internet speed and in-game name. Also remember to enable the PB: Online -> bottom right is a box: “Enable Punk Buster.” Press it. Quit ET.

Note. If you are using Windows Vista, be sure to run all the programs as administrator. Right mouse button -> then select “run as administrator”.

Note. ZoneAlarm probably inquires about permission to allow programs when you start them / when you connect to internet. When this happens, check the box “Remember this setting”. Then press Allow.

Even before you turn on your computer network, set the ZoneAlarm settings as follows:

-Firewall-> Main: Internet Zone Security: medium. Trusted Zone Security: medium.
-Program Control-> Main: Program Control: medium. Automatic Lock: off.

-Program Control-> Programs: Here you see a list of programs. Although the list doesn’t have many programs yet, there will be more when you connect your computer to internet and use programs. From this list it is important to allow completely (ie, put the Allow (ie, green Nike mark), all four of the horizontal points, under the heading: Access: Trusted and Internet. Server: Trusted and Internet) the following programs:

-Antivirus Control Center
-Antivirus Scheduler
-Antivirus System Tray Tool
-Antivirus Updater
-Check Point Updating Client (ZoneAlarm thing)
-ETvCH.exe (Version Changer)
-Notification Tool (Avira thing)
-any other programs like xfire, msnmessenger, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Skype, etc.

Now you can plug-in the ethernet cable and start the modem / router.

Now go to a server that has PB enabled, play a map or two and quit ET. Now PunkBuster should autoupdate itself to the latest version while you’re playing. If for some reason this doesn’t happen and PB kicks you out from server for having an outdated version of pb, update it manually with pbweb.exe (unless it isn’t in your pb folder, go to and look for a instructions how to manually update PB) Now everything _should_ work perfectly, if PB still keeps kicking you out of ther server, then go to and type in the exact reason why pb keeps kicking you and add “pb” or “punkbuster”. (I.e “Corrupted packet flow punkbuster”) Browse through about 10-20 results Google gives you. If you can’t find a solution, your situation is just bad. Then just wait for a miracle to happen and everything will work normally.

Also make sure that you are not using any idle/needless programs while playing, because PB can’t maybe reach your computer then. For example on some users it can be xfire, on others msnmessenger etc. Also using own computer as server for example on Skype(o.O) can cause problems.

Also it’s possible to contact your provider and make sure everything is right at their side.
Your own router should be fine if you haven’t made any changes to it and the normal internet usage works fine.

A short summary about PB; PB should always be updated to the latest version and all necessary traffic has accepted from the firewall. At this point you don’t have to worry about anti-virus software (Avira), it won’t cause any problems.

(c) BossHK 2/2009

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