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Scripts / Configs sharing

Tutorial made by Daredevil.

My general tips.

1. Get stable fps. Stable fps is very necessary to make u mouse movement smoother. With this you can see your connection problems and hardware related things.

set cg_lagometer "1"

set cg_drawFPS "1"

Now after you can see u stable/average fps use this to cap the fps.

set com_maxpfs "put the number of fps here"

fps can bec caped from 44 to 333. “PB Limitation”. 43 fps is not allowed due to low recoil explocit.

2. Disable particals and all because it want help u much and it gives slight boot in performance.

set cg_wolfparticles "0"

set cg_atmosphericEffects "0" // 

set cg_shadows "0"

set cg_marktime "10000" // I personally use it on medium time so i can see where mortar has been hitted or where landmines are blasted. 

set cg_showblood "0"

set cg_bloodFlash "0"

set cg_gibs "0"

set cg_coronas "0"

3. This would help with your aim.

Use low sense as much as u can.

sensitivity "3.0"

Sense number can be changed from 0 to 30.

Crosshair shouldnt be pulsing.

set cg_crosshairSize "60" //size of u crosshair change according to u resolution

set cg_drawCrosshair "5" //change no. for different crosshairs u like. 

set cg_crosshairPulse "0"

set cg_crosshairColor "white" // u can also use red,cyan, try whatever u like.

set cg_crosshairAlpha "1.0"

set cg_crosshairColorAlt "black"

set cg_crosshairAlphaAlt "1.0"

set cg_crosshairHealth "0" // should be zero if u are trying other colours

Use high fov to see more.

set cg_fov "100" // u can use any number from 90 to 120.

This removes the hit effect upto some extent.

set cg_bobup "0"

set cg_bobpitch "0"

set cg_bobroll "0"

set cg_runpitch "0"

set cg_runroll "0"

Some people like to see gun and bullets…and some dont.

set cg_drawgun "0" // Use 1 to enable it again. 

set cg_muzzleFlash "0" //

4. Hardware related. No map uses more then 100Mb hunk but i use this one. Please, use atleast above 128Mb hunkmegs. If you low RAM dont both to mess with this cvar.

set com_hunkmegs "192"

If u are having avg 40 fps then to get more use this..

set r_lodbias "2" // use this only when u are having lower fps. With this u game look would be crap but increase in performance a bit.

set r_lodCurveError "250"

set r_mode 4 // for 800*600 resoution = 4. 

set r_textureMode "GL_LINEAR_MipMap_NEAREST"

set r_drawsun "0"

set r_fastsky "1"

5. For admin commands use this.

bind , say !spec999

bind . say !cancelvote


For lagging or modem laggers..

You can always do players in console and see if anyone one is on modem aka 5000 rate or not.

set lag1 "say To fix u lag and ping plz do this:;set lag vstr lag2"

set lag2 "say Esc-Options-System-Networking-[Lan/Cable]-Apply;set lag vstr lag3"

set lag3 "say Esc-Options-System-Networking-[Lan/Cable]-Apply;set lag vstr lag1"

set lag "vstr lag1"

bind / vstr lag

6. Jaymod cvars

//My personal preference.. u can change according to u's.

set cg_drawSmallPopupIcons "1"

set cg_drawFireteamOverlay "1"

set cg_drawDisconnectIcon "1"

set cg_drawWeaponIconFlash "0"

set cg_drawclock "1"

set cg_popupWaitTime "4000.0"

set cg_popupFadeTime "0.0"

set cg_popupTime "0.0"

set cg_numPopups "3"

bind p messagemode4 // for PMing friends..

If you do anything wrong or dont want it and dont know how to revert back exec default cfg and it will set ALL TO DEFAULT.

exec etconfig.cfg

This will set to everything default.

Your cfg file shouldnt be over 15kb or it want work. Their are tons of cvars which i havent typed down. Use google for that. But basics are explained.

If you want explore more here is the link.


If you want to connect to our server directly instead of finding it in the list u can use this:

Make a shortcut on desktop and use it for connecting to different servers. Right click on the shortcut > Properties > Shortcut > Target

It would be like

"D:Wolfenstein - Enemy TerritoryET.exe"

change it to

"D:Wolfenstein - Enemy TerritoryET.exe" +set fs_game jaymod +connect

Advanced version for connecting server with u config files.

For PUB. Make a shortcut and use it directly to join PUB instead of finding in the list.

"D:Wolfenstein - Enemy TerritoryET.exe" +set fs_game jaymod +exec daredevil.cfg +connect

Same for ETPUB

"D:Wolfenstein - Enemy TerritoryET.exe" +set fs_game etpub +exec daredevil.cfg +connect

Now, what if u load u game from Et.exe and not the shortcuts? U want be able to get u settings. So, u can make an autoexec.cfg and put in etmain folder. Now, autoexec.cfg file should only contain 1 line and that is “exec daredeviljay.cfg”. So, it will execute daredeviljay.cfg and not the default one.

So, in short u etmain would have 3 cfgs.

daredeviljay.cfg — for jaymode

daredeivlpub.cfg — for etpub

autoexec.cfg — if u start u normal et.exe and not the shortcut ones.

Also i have added ET Minimizer. Just run this file before u join the game. To minimize the game use Alt + Z and use Alt+Z again to restore it.

Disable the windows acceleration in the windows so u mouse will move exactly same all the time.

Posted Image

Now, finally what mouse you need if u have money or need to buy new one. Here are all the reviews.

Mouse Reviews


ETPUB offers the map specific config client side also. So, by this way u dont have to do anything and u crosshair colour would change depending on the map and u can also change many more things if u want. Config will be execute everytime that map starts.

For most of the white maps i use red colour and for others white dot.


Autoexec Files

The etpub client now has the ability to automatically execute certain config (*.cfg) files upon certain events:

autoexec_allies.cfg, autoexec_axis.cfg, autoexec_spectator.cfg

Executed when you join a team (or become a spectator)

autoexec_.cfg, autoexec_default.cfg

Executed when the map switches to . autoexec_default.cfg is always executed after the autoexec_.cfg file.

autoexec_soldier.cfg, autoexec_medic.cfg, autoexec_engineer.cfg, autoexec_fieldops.cfg, autoexec_covertops.cfg

Executed when you switch classes

Please note that if any of these files do not exist they simply will not be executed, there will not be any error messages

Also note that these filenames are casesensitive on linux

For watching the demo:

1. Start ET.

2. Connect to same mode server and enter the server. If demo was taken from jaymod join jaymod and disconnect.

3. In the menu options click on replay. Select demo and click on view.

Advanced Guide:

1. Change u command line.

Posted Image

2. Start ET.

3. Will directly load mode and connect to server.

I have 5 shortcuts like it. Click and connect.

For other games:

Here is how my looks:

"D:Wolfenstein - Enemy TerritoryET.exe" +set fs_game etpub +exec hellj.cfg +exec etpub.cfg +name "^4etnoob" +connect

+exec loads u config.

+name sets u name.

+connect is for connecting to server

+fs_game etpub – etpub

+fs_game etpro – etpro

+fs_game jaymod – jaymod

Example of how my etmain folder looks like:

Posted Image

Happy fragging.

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