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Server RCON Commands

These commands only work if you are the one who has set up the server so in other words you need to have the Rcon or referee password. Some of them are useful, some of them are wacky.
We have to make a difference between the Rcon commands and the referee commands. BUT you can use all referee commands if you have Rcon. On the other hand you cannot use the Rcon commands if you only have the referee pass.

Rcon – Explanation

  • /rconpassword – Gives you rcon control, required for all of the following commands : )
  • /rconPassword xxx – Changes the password to xxx.
  • /g_needpass [1/0] – Players require a password (1) or not (0) to enter your server.
  • /rcon g_password xxx – Sets the password of the server to xxx
  • /rcon map xxx – Changes to map xxx. Screws up your map rotation.
  • /rcon start_match – Skips warm-ups.
  • /rcon restart_match – Resets the match.
  • /rcon map_restart – Restarts the round
  • /rcon swap_teams – Swap teams, axis players go allies & vice versa.
  • /rcon sv_maxclients – Max people allowed on the server.
  • /rcon g_friendlyFire – [1/0] Friendly fire on (1) or off (0)
  • /rcon g_teamforcebalance – [1/0] Forces team numbers to be even (1), or doesn?t (0)
  • /rcon g_doWarmup – [1/0] Sets whether to do warm-ups (1), or not (0)
  • /rcon g_warmup – Sets the amount of time before the round begins in seconds
  • /rcon say – Players do not see spectator chats, use /rcon say instead.
  • /rcon g_gametype – [5/6/7] Sets game type: 5= Objective; 6=Stopwatch; 7= CTF
  • /rcon g_altStopwatchMode – [0/1] Sets SW mode when g_gametype is 6. 0= ABBA 1= ABAB
  • /rcon g_allowvote – [1/0] Allow voting (1) or not (0)
  • /rcon status – Gives the status of all players on the server. Inclusive their slot number

Referee – Explanation

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