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Surprise, surprise! At this tutorial I’m not going to tell anything by myself, but I’ll give you a website(I’m sorry its english only) includind text and videos. Well, at first I’ll tell you something:

Strafejumping is a technique to move faster than normally. Every player uses it. And yes, you can use it everywhere, on every single map, on every single mod(as far as it uses Q3 engine).

I borrow some text from wikipedia:

“The movements are usually as follows:

1. The player presses the forward key, preparing to make the first jump.
2. Still keeping the forward key pressed, the player jumps, adding either the move left or the move right key (which is where the strafe in strafe-jumping comes from). The strafe and jump keys must be pressed at the same time.
3. To gain maximum speed, the player must now move the mouse smoothly to around a 45 degree (i.e., turn) in the direction of the strafe, while still holding down the two aforementioned keys. This part is called airstrafing, which is responsible for increase in speed during the jump.
4. For successive strafejumps, the player immediately jumps again on landing, swapping the direction of strafe as well as mouse motion.

Done correctly, this will dramatically increase the player’s velocity with successive jumps.”

Note: Dont keep jump button pressed while airstrafing, but just click it once. If you keep pressing it while airstrafing, at worst case you will loose about 30% speed.

Still one thing before I’ll let you to learn via that website. This is important, but its not YET on that website. Though its propably incoming. So, the important thing is called Circle Jump(shortly CJ, you can see it performed at start of every jump on these videos on that website which I will give you soon):

“The circle jump start is the action performed by the player at the start of the strafe jumping, this gives a sudden burst of speed as opposed to gaining speed with regular strafe jumping.
The movements are as follows:

1. The player stands about 90 degrees from the direction he intends to move in.
2. The player then holds forward, the left or right strafe key (depending on which way you’re going), and turn to face 45 degrees the opposite way. (The player will have turned 135 degrees from his original position)
3. The player now continues into strafe jumping.”

Now step-by-step:

1. Go to
2. At right side of web page click Fullbeat
3. Read it and watch video
4. When you have finished, check out the Halfbeat tutorial too
5. That’s it. Now you have learned to strafejump/trickjump. Now go to practise it(And I mean normal maps, not necessarily TJ(=trick jump) maps).
6. If you want to know more, check other tutorials too.

(c) BossHK 4/2010

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