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Tweakable server side “WeaponTable” v1.00

You are able to change hardcoded server side weapon entities from jaymod.
Optimal synergy to Enhanced Mod!
Supported versions: Jaymod 2.1.7/20080125-2.1.8 (Windows/Linux).

Changable attributes:
coolRate – time in [ms] until weapon is cooled (decreasing bar).
defaultStartingAmmo – maximum additional ammo when spawn.
defaultStartingClip – maximum ammo in clip when spawn.
fireDelayTime – amount of delay before firing first projectile.
maxammo – maximum additional ammo you can carry.
maxHeat – time in [ms] until weapon is overheated (increasing bar).
nextShotTime – delay[ms] between projectile shoots.
reloadTime – weapon reloading delay in [ms].
uses – each shoot decreasing ammo factor.

Download “WeaponTable” console command.

Usage notes:

Simply copy the execuable in your folder contains the “” binary.
Start the executable and itself detects your mod binary. At least follow the menu workflow.
Prerequisites (Runtime package if not already installed):

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