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Why Enemy Territory is better than Counter-Strike?

I have played Enemy Territory for few years, I was playing also Counter Strike for few times. You can say I am not experienced in CS. Yes, that’s true, but it doesn’t make any difference. Wolf:ET and CS are, hmm, games from similar times, but they are completely different for me. Like I wrote playing in ET took much of my time and playing in CS haven’t. I know many reasons why is that and it’s not because I like ET more than CS. ET’s just better.

Why does Enemy Territory is better than Counter-Strike. I can find multiple reasons why it’s that.

– ET has better graphic. It’s better for online multiplayer playing, just faster and you do not have to download that much of graphic files.

– ET is more enjoyable.

– People playing ET are more experienced, I mean they are usually older and you do not have to play with silly kids.

– You can chat easily and find new friends. For example I met few people in ET also in real world. Really interesting people.

– The Second World War. Allies vs Axis. What could beat that story? Simple nothing.

– ET is faster, maybe it’s not so realistic (I mean it could be, but it depends of server configuration), but makes much fun and adds much adrenaline (btw, there’s adrenaline in game, too!)

– ET has amazing, just awesome maps. So simple, so different and so good.

– Weapons. Nothing could beat ET guns. FG42, Thompson, MP40, Panzerfaust, K43, Sten, Colt1911. Just pwns.

– No kids, no nubs. On mostly servers.

– So different gamemodes. It can be so realistic, just like in Second World War, and it can be as much fun as it gives – double jumps, panzerwar, riflewar, knifewar etc. Owned.

There’s so much I can write here, I will try to add more of it ofcourse, as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.

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  1. ETPlayer
    ETPlayer 13 December 2010

    I totally agree with you. I’ve played CS and ET some time and there’s no doubt that Enemy territory is better than CS. Better atmosphere, better skilled players, better maps etc. I could mention that for a long time.

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